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This website is dedicated to one product, an electric tree pruner designed by Daniel Gibson, Erich Heilman, and Thomas Wilson for their senior capstone class at Central Washington University (Ellensburg, WA). This team worked with agricultural engineering giant H.F. Hauff Co. Inc. located in Yakima, Washington to develop the electric pruner.


The pruner was separated into 3 sections: cutting system, housing & ergonomics, and power & transmission. Each of the projects has their own section on this site and a link to their reports can be found on the main page as well as in their respective sections.


Founded in 1947, H.F. Hauff Company Inc. of Yakima, Washington has been a nation-wide manufacturer and distributor of specialized agricultural equipment. The company is constantly striving to provide quality, dependable products using innovative technological advancements and the highest engineering standards. The company’s president, Neil Hauff, is the driver behind this innovation. Neil’s efforts towards perfection and customer satisfaction are the motivation behind this project. 


Neil Hauff was approached by a Greek organic orchardist, Emmanuel Maniadakis. Emmanuel came to Neil with his Treelion D45-900 battery-powered pruner and he explained the issues he has with the current design.


After operating for a long time, the linear actuator which provides cutting force becomes too hot for the operator to hold the housing surrounding the actuator, even when wearing gloves. The current reach of the pruner is also not sufficient.


The new design will eliminate the heat issue with the current pruner actuator and housing. The new design will also have a longer reach.

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